URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — The city of Urbana had several road closures to remove trees.

Crews were scattered across the city taking down trees. They focused on these four areas in particular: Elm Street parking lot, Michigan avenue, McCullough and Orchard streets.

The city arborist Kevin Sanderson said cutting down these trees is a preventative measure. Many older trees start to slowly rot from fungus growing inside.

Once the fungus is found public works can cut them down as soon as possible. Choosing to wait can create more problems. Limbs could potentially fall on houses, cars, sidewalks and roads. One person near South Orchard St. said she’s grateful the city is taking care of the problem before it starts.

“I think it’s very helpful and useful,” Amy Somrak said. “I think it’s very sad to see big trees come down but they’re either going to be taken down or they’ll fall down or cause damage.”

Today’s tree removal ended at 5 pm. The city arborist said they will continue regularly checking trees for fungus in case more have to come down.