URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Major remodeling is on the way to one city building for the first time in 23 years.

The City of Urbana is preparing to redesign the building, adding more signs inside and outside of the building. They will also increase lighting in the parking lot. 

Vince Gustafson, the Deputy Director for Operations with the City of Urbana, said one of the key points of this project is renovating the police department. They are planning to create a dedicated vestibule for one-on-one conversations. 

“We’re adding some interview rooms within the Police Services Department so discussions that might’ve taken place just out in the open in the lobby, there will be a private, quiet place for them to go and speak with an officer if they need to,” he said. 

The doors will also have new security systems, allowing staff to scan ID cards for access instead of putting in a code. The city’s Finance and Community Development offices will be replaced with glass service areas and plexiglass for added COVID-19 protection measures. 

It’s a $902,000 project expected to start in four to five weeks. The building will remain open during construction.