URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – “Affordable housing, infrastructure, public health and safety, economic recovery and support for businesses and individuals, as well as social services,” Diane Marlin, Urbana Mayor, said.

Those are the 5 priority areas Urbana City Council is going to consider when it comes to using its American Rescue Plan Money.

That comes after months of meeting, discussing plans, and listening to input from the community.

“We’ve always had a plan for a process. We wanted to make sure we were hearing from the community first. We wanted to make sure we were getting the information we needed. We’re going to be developing a concept plan,” she said.

The City of Urbana is set to get nearly 13 million dollars from ARPA funds. Each quarter, cities have to report what that money is being used on to the federal government. That first quarter is up April 30th.

The Urbana City Council approved to allocate 2.5 million dollars in a standard allowance for revenue replacement due to the pandemic.

“The next few months, the council will be deciding specific allocations or areas they want to focus on soliciting proposals and then identifying individual expenditures,” Marlin said.

She said that’s going to be a pretty intense process, but worth it.

“We’ve put together a thoughtful process and I think we’re going to be happy with the results,” she said.

The total amount of funds must be allocated by December 2024, and spent by December of 2026. That’s for all cities across the country.