Unemployment benefits coming to an end could mean more workers for struggling businesses

Local News

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) – Across the country, businesses are experiencing shortages, shortages of supplies, shortages of buyers, and most notably a shortage of workers.

“Even a bigger struggle to staff a couple of shifts. So, it’s been going on for a while,” Armando Sandoval, owner of Maize Mexical Grill, said.

Many places are having such a hard time they have to close early, or not even open, because they don’t have enough workers, like Maize Mexican Grill. Sunday, a few workers called in, leaving only two employees at one of their locations. So, they had to close early.

Sandoval said staffing his restaurants has been difficult since the start of the pandemic.

“It’s really hard trying to run a business, trying to provide a good service, and not be able to do that because we’re not staffed,” he said.

This week, some businesses could see a shift in things. When unemployment benefits end for millions. Sandoval said he doesn’t want to see people lose these benefits that have helped them so much, but he hopes it will bring more people to jobs.

“I hope that once people are starting to get back to the workforce they’re able to help everybody out, because I know the majority of people in the restaurant business are struggling,” she said.

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