UIUC to offer alternative COVID-19 testing for people observing Ramadan

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UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN (WCIA) — The University of Illinois will offer alternative COVID-19 testing for people observing Ramadan.

If you plan to fast during Ramadan and are concerned about producing saliva samples for tests, university officials say you can request a nasal swab test. The testing option will be available for faculty, staff and students from April 12 to May 12.

“It’s important to us to ensure that all members of all of our different faith communities on campus have the ability to access and take part in our campus activities,” Associate Vice Chancellor for Access and Equity Nizam Arain said. “For any people who are fasting as part of Ramadan this year, we would want to make sure that if they have difficulty producing the saliva sample, which is part of our standard COVID test for campus, that they have the ability to reach out to us and to have an alternative test provided for them.”

Arain said the university has already been offering alternative testing options for people who cannot produce the saliva sample for medical reasons.

If you’re a faculty or staff member, you should contact the Office for Access & Equity at 217-333-0885. If you’re a student, you should call McKinley Health Center at 217-244-5661. When calling those numbers, you’ll need to state that you are requesting the nasal swab tests because you’re fasting to observe Ramadan.

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