CHAMPAIGN, Ill., (WCIA) — University Police are preparing for more activity throughout campus this Halloween weekend.

Starting Friday night, UIPD will have a bigger presence on the University of Illinois campus because it’s a more active weekend than usual.

Pat Wade with UIPD said they’ve seen a large number of people celebrating before, and they’re expecting the same this year. He added that when crimes happen or when people get hurt, crime is usually a factor.

“Students tend to use it as an opportunity to party, to attend the bars. That in itself is not a problem, we want our students to be able to enjoy their free time, but it has to be done in a way that has to be respectful of each other and respectful of our campus,” he said.

He said they’ll monitor many parts of campus, but especially around bars on Green Street and house parties throughout campus.

Wade added that sometimes, students can help out before police even arrive.

“We call police first responders, but really, the first responders are the people who are with someone available to intervene if they see someone’s too intoxicated to protect themselves or care for themselves,” Wade said.

Along with campus patrols, he said they’ll also monitor drinking and driving.

UIPD reminds students to walk in groups of three or more, and utilize SafeWalks to avoid walking alone.