URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) – U of I researchers created a vegan diet for dogs.

They partnered with Bramble, who produced recipes meeting human food standards while U of I tested the diet on dogs. Cowbell and roost are the two options owners can give to their dogs. Both are high in protein and contain similar ingredients like potatoes and peas. However, the roost version has grains.

Grad student Leah Roberts who worked on the project for three months said she’s excited to present another alternative for pet owners.

“It’s so important that we really understand it and how it’s impacting our dogs. Overall the health of our pets is what we care about the most. So, we really want to see how the food we’re feeding them is impacting them,” Roberts said.

The results from the three-month study found the food had a laxative effect on dogs and lowered their cholesterol. Roberts doesn’t recommend making this recipe on your own, but you can order from Bramble’s website.