UI experts say dogs cannot get coronavirus

Local News

UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Reports say a dog in Hong Kong may be the first case of novel coronavirus in pets, but vets at the UI College of Veterinary Medicine are not as certain.

They’ve been researching the issue and experts say there is no evidence dogs can catch the virus. They believe the one testing positive may have only had the owner’s virus on it. One vet says they’ll continue to keep watch.

“We want to watch it and make sure it isn’t something that’s going to evolve and affect our animal population,” says Ashley Mitek. “The great thing is right now the risk is very, very small.”

UICVM did say it’s possible for dogs to carry the virus if they’re exposed to the environment for long periods. A list of FAQs on pets and the coronavirus is on UICVM’s website.

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