CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — COVID cases at the University of Illinois are reaching all-time highs.

The university has not seen daily cases like this in the last two years, but testing requirements are different now than they used to be. Only unvaccinated students and staff have to test. 

On Tuesday, the university reported 326 new cases among students and staff, with a 22.65% positivity rate. The last time the numbers were close to being this high was in February 2022, when 287 cases were reported in a single day on Feb. 1. 

At this time last year, there were 62 cases reported in a single day with a 1.12% positivity rate. 

People who are unvaccinated are required to test once a week. For those who are vaccinated, testing isn’t required, but the university urges testing if one is exposed or experiences symptoms. 

U of I officials said they are working to track the vaccination status of those currently testing. 

Meenah Harbaugh, a junior, tested positive for COVID on Monday. She said she had a stuffy, itchy nose.

“All my professors have been super nice about it, I’m in the school of education,” she said. “All the education professors are really awesome about all this. So, they’ve given me options to either attend on Zoom or review slides.” 

Harbaugh also works with children, so she felt it was important to test regularly. She used a rapid COVID test on her own and a PCR test through the school. 

Right now, the only place to test on campus is at the Illini Union. Many students said the lines are long there.

The university said it is exploring additional options, but wanted to remind students and staff they can pick up free tests at various campus locations. 

For a full list of those locations, visit the university’s COVID website

U of I officials update the COVID dashboard each day; you can view the dashboard and additional information here.