URBANA, Ill., (WCIA) — It’s been 14 days since voters were at the polls. Now, counties across Illinois are starting to send their final numbers to the State Board of Elections to be certified. 

Champaign County finished tallying its votes on Tuesday. County Clerk Aaron Ammons said they got through about 1,800 ballots. 

“For Champaign County, the results we put up today will be considered our official results,” Ammons said. 

One of the back-and-forth races is for Sixth Judicial Circuit Court judge. 

Now, there’s an answer. Democrat Chad Beckett takes the seat over Republican Sam Limentato. 

“We’ll go pick up the mail and make a final sweep of the post office to make sure there are no outstanding ballots left there,” Ammons said. “At 4:30 we will stop counting and come over and add the results up and send them over to Springfield.” 

State law requires 14 days between Election Day and finalized results to make sure all information is correct. Ammons said those days are critical and there are rules to follow. For instance, witnesses from both major parties have to be involved in the counting process. 

“Part of that process is a provisional ballot or a challenged vote by mail ballot,” he said. “There has to be time to remedy that. For the voter to come in and fix whatever the issue is. If we say this signature doesn’t match, they have to show us an example on an ID or something of their new signature.” 

Once the county finalizes its numbers, they’re passed over to the State Board of Elections. 

“We make sure that all the vote by mail has been properly accounted for. We double-check their work,” Matt Dietrich with the State Board of Elections said. 

The Board certifies the results. 

“We’ve started to get some from the jurisdictions who know that they’re done with their vote by mail,” Dietrich said. “They’ve received their mail for today, and they’re not going to get any more.”

Then, he said they start processing the data in their computers. 

Ammons said they’ll be ready and send their numbers digitally. 

“We’ll send it over to them so they can see exactly what the final numbers are for Champaign County,” he said. 

If counties don’t finalize their numbers by Tuesday night, Dietrich said it’s not exactly a penalty or fine, but counties will start to hear from the board “very often.” He said they just need to get it done. 

The Board of Elections said counties have until next Tuesday to send them their results. The results will be certified on Dec. 5, compiling their official “Vote Totals Book.”