Two children hit by car

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Update: 10:00 pm, 11/1/17, Wednesday 

WESTVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Two children are in stable condition after being hit by a car while trick-or treating. It happened Tuesday night.

Police say a 7-year old boy and 12-year old girl were headed toward Zamberletti Park for “Trunk-or-Treat.” While crossing State Street, a 22-year old woman hit them with her car.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and so far, no one’s been arrested or ticketed. They say they don’t believe the woman had been drinking and the children aren’t the only ones who went to the hospital that night.

People say it’s bringing back bad memories.

“It reminded me of the Labor Day Parade two years prior.”

In 2015, a car drove through a parade crowd at State and Main streets. Now, on Halloween, 2017, a car hit two trick-or-treaters at the intersection of State and Williams.

“They had Trunk-or-Treat yesterday at the park last night and we believe they were going to the park.”

One woman says she saw the aftermath.

“Candy all over the road, parts of candy flying. You could tell that car was going entirely too fast.”

Police say both kids are in stable condition, but that wasn’t the end of things.

“Approximately, an hour later, we got a call for an accident a block away, around the corner, that involved two vehicles. Four juveniles and the mom were taken to the hospital.”

People say it all comes down to speeding and distracted driving.

“That’s someone’s kid. That’s someone’s mother. That’s someone’s aunt, grandmother.”

They say they hope Halloween sparked a change.

“I just hope this opens people’s eyes and they start slowing down and paying attention. First of all, this is Halloween. You know there’s going to be kids out.”

Police say the accidents weren’t directly related, but State Street was blocked off after the first accident. Authorities say the second accident could have come from a driver speeding down an alley to avoid the detour.

In that second accident, a pickup truck was driving down the alley and hit an SUV at the intersection. The driver of the pickup truck was ticketed. 

Original: 9:30 pm, 10/31/17, Tuesday

WESTVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — Two children were hit by a car Tuesday evening.

One was taken to a hospital in Danville, the other was taken to a hospital in Urbana.

Police say one of them could have life-threatening injuries.

Traffic is currently blocked off in the area of East Williams and North State Street.

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