TUSCOLA, Ill. (WCIA) — A few Little League baseball players were given a chance to show off their skills with the varsity baseball team at Tuscola Community High School on Monday.

The Little Leaguers helped the high schoolers warm up and throw the first pitch of Tuscola’s game against Central A&M. It’s the first time the high school has ever hosted Little League, and Tuscola head coach Adam Carver said it’s a great way to get the younger players amped for their future in baseball.

“Its good to get them involved,” Carver said. “That way they stay interested. They get to hang out with our guys and then they want to be future Warriors when the time comes,” Carver said.

“It’s really fun watching the older kids,” said Little Leaguer Owen. “Just show how good they are and really teach us something.”

It was also Senior Night, and Carver said it was symbolic to have the Little Leaguers present as the Warriors’ Class of 2022 moves on. Tuscola won the game 10-7.