TUSCOLA, Ill., (WCIA) — Every time someone donates blood, that one pint can save up to three people. Adam Munds is one of them, saved by donors.

He knows without someone spending two hours of their time donating platelets, his life would be very different.

“Every day I think about the person that donated for me and how they took time out of their day just to help someone else that they don’t know who that person is,” Munds said.

He’s thankful to be alive today, after being born early, spending three weeks in the NICU and going through two rounds of platelet transfusions.

Now, he’s doing what he can to re-pay the people who donated and saved his life.

He started RC Fest in 2011 at 10 years old. It’s an annual family-friendly event in Tuscola.

There, people donate blood to help others like Munds. Others buy raffle tickets and t-shirts, all proceeds going back to Impact Life.

“There’s a stigma with donating blood that’s kind of intimidating,” Munds said. “With bringing the hobby and RC cars into it, it kind of relaxes people’s expectations of how that actually is.”

RC Fest keeps growing. Last year, they had 20 states represented at the fest.

“We had people travel from all over the country. New Hampshire, North Carolina, Texas, people came from all over,” Munds said.

He’s always had a passion for cars and turned it into his career.

Now, he works in customer experience for Horizon Hobby. He updates content for the website and aims to provide information for others.

He knows that none of it would be possible without the generosity of people he will never know.

“There’s no way to get this without it coming organically or be able to have someone gift that to you,” Munds said.

RC Fest is coming up again this July, with donations helping Impact Life.

WCIA 3 is partnering with Impact Life for the WCIA 3 Gift of Life blood drive from Dec. 26 to Dec. 30 at various locations throughout Central Illinois.

It’s honoring the memories of Dave Benton and Robert Reese, two beloved WCIA 3 family members who relied on blood donations in their fights against cancer.

For a link to those locations and a signup form, visit this link.