CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — A protest initially was for the cancellation of rent and utility shut offs, but after hearing of a policy at Rogue Barber Company that makes customers sign off on not being part of Black Lives Matter, the group wanted to protest that as well.

They took up the road, but one driver did not feel like waiting. In a video posted online, a driver in a red truck can be pushing his way through the crowd. At the protest, David Arizaga was there to rush over and make sure his friends were okay.

“I think mostly what I was going through was trying to make sure all my friends were safe,” says Arizaga. “Because at the end of the day that’s what matters the most, is that we can go out again and continue to be there for the community in the ways that we need to. This is one protest, we need to continue to keep working.”

No one was hurt, but a protester’s bike was run over. The protest continued down Neil Street before holding at the intersection of Main. While it was scary, the group was happy their message was not able to be silenced.

“It is extremely terrifying, but what matters for me is that we were still able to go on with our protest and we were able to keep all of our family safe, because we are like a family out there,” says Arizaga.

Protesters there were able to catch the license plate of the truck and have reported that to police.