Trash talk: Single waste hauler proposed

Local News

FARMER CITY, Ill. (WCIA) — The city might be making a big change to how it takes out the trash. Soon, people might be required to use one collection service instead of individual choice.

Not everyone’s on board with the idea. City leaders say they’re looking to bring recycling to town. It’s not currently offered and they figured it would be a good idea to make it a universal service through one company.

Garbage: It’s something we all have to deal with and nobody likes. But, officials are looking to lighten the load for residents.

“It would be a single hauler, a single company and they would pick up garbage, recycling and yard waste, bulk waste at the curb.”

It’s a new idea for them, requiring everyone to go through one hauler for trash. They say it comes with some big benefits.

“It would include a number of services for a lower fee than what they’re currently paying.”

Less hassle, less money. Sounds like a good deal, right? Well, some people say they think the deal stinks. Others say it smells just fine.

“I think it’s pretty divided on the people in town, the pro and the people that are against it. You’re giving up that right of choosing who picks up your garbage.”

Some say they just don’t want to change their ways. Right now, everyone chooses their own hauler, but city leaders say change can be a good thing.

“Having to change from a service they like currently, I could see how they would be concerned, but, we have requirements on how they maintain their equipment, how they pick things up, how their routes are treated. So, there’s protections in there that will actually ensure, and should improve, their service.”

The new plan could save people nearly $7 per month.

“This may be a good thing. Like I said, I’m taking a wait and see approach and hey, if it lowers my bill, I’m all for it.”

Three companies submitted proposals. The city council meets next week to discuss, and possibly vote on, the idea.

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