COVINGTON, Ind. (WCIA) —  One of the things you can find in this town is philanthropy.

The Western Indiana Community Foundation is the reason dozens of projects have become a reality. And it’s all thanks to the generous donations from those living in Covington.

“The foundation got started in 1990 a group of concerned citizens in the community felt like we could do more than what had been done.” 

Since then the western Indiana Community Foundation has taken off. Dale White, the Executive Director says it’s easy to see all they’ve had a hand in around town.

“There’s probably not a project that’s been accomplished in the last 25,26 years that the foundation wasn’t involved.” 

Covington has always been known for it’s generous nature. And it dates back to the early 1800s.

“Even when Covington got started in 1826 there was a gentleman by the name of Isacc Coleman, he plotted out the town and he was really the first philanthropist in town he’s the one who donated the land that our courthouse sits on.” 

That tradition of lending a helping hand has continued over the years.

“It’s just blossomed and grown over the years just because of the generosity of thousands of citizens those who currently live here and those who have even moved away and want to give back.” 

White says here in our town Covington things wouldn’t be the same without it. And he’s happy to see history repeat itself.

“I think ever since Mr. Coleman arrived here from Virginia back in 1826 I think it was, there’s kind of been a spirit of Philanthropy here in Covington and the community.”