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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) is making recommendations to people who may not be aware of how disposing of items in the toilet can lead to costly repairs and problems to the wider public sanitary sewer system and environment.

ICC says people need to throw trash away and not flush it down the toilet. Blocked drains and sewers can lead to issues including manhole overflowing, flooding in homes and on roads and pollution of waterways.

“To avoid the spread of COVID-19 many of us are using more cleaning wipes on our hands and hard surfaces. And a shortage of toilet paper may tempt some residents to use and flush tissues, paper towels or baby wipes down the toilet. Despite what some packaging might say, these items are not flushable and can result in serious toilet clogs and damage to sanitary sewer systems,” said ICC chair Carrie Zalewski. “Please toss them in the trash. Don’t attempt to flush them away.”

Never flush the following items:

Grease (fats and oils)
Feminine hygiene products
Engine oil, chemicals, and paints
Cleaning and baby wipes
Dental floss
Food waste
Paper towels
Cleaning brush refills
Razor blades
Toilet seat covers
Latex materials / Bandages
Cotton balls

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