Time change has pros and cons

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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Daylight Saving Time ended early Sunday morning, but the time change caught some people off guard. 

It means we set our clocks back one hour. 

The official reset happened at two in the morning.

The adjustment gave people one extra hour of sleep, but also came with an earlier sunset. 

One parent said time change has its pros and cons. 

“I do find it difficult to remember, but with the technology of today, it’s a little bit easier because my phone reminds me when the time changes.The advantage for me as a construction worker is that you get an hour more of light a day essentially to do work,” says Joseph Yvette of Champaign.

Daylight Saving Time won’t happen again until March next year, when we spring forward one hour.

Most of the country has been using the Daylight Saving Time system for 52 years now. 

The idea was proposed as a way to cut down on electricity usage during bright summer days.  

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