CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Three new businesses are coming to Downtown Champaign, and one of them was inspired by TikTok.

Weird Meat Boyz, Heavy Spoon, and Martinelli’s Deli are the new storefronts set to open within the next couple of months. Heavy Spoon founders got the inspiration for their cereal and ice cream shop from the TikTok.

Champaign Center Partnership said this new wave of local entrepreneurs is an exciting example of the community’s support.

“The cool thing now is that a lot of folks are really in tune with businesses that are here as well as new ones and very supportive,” said Executive Director Xander Hazel. “We also have a lot of folks coming in from out of town that want to get sort of that big city feel here in downtown champaign. The great thing is that we just have a supportive community, and they’ll support these businesses for sure.”

The Heavy Spoon is set to open later this month. Weird Meat Boys is set to open in the begining of 2023.