Three arrests made in restaurant murder

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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA) – Authorities arrested three men in connection to a murder at Long John Silver’s on W. Eldorado Street.

It happened on January 4th, around 6 p.m. 18-year-old Curtis Hairston was killed.

On January 7th, Decatur Police arrested a 15-year-old male from Decatur for first-degree murder.

On January 11th, The U.S. Marshal’s Service arrested 20-year-old Matthew A. Anderson, Jr. for first-degree murder in reference to this shooting.

Monday, The U.S. Marshal’s Service arrested 18-year-old Jaquarius L. West for first-degree murder, also in reference to this shooting.

“It’s basically like a system where you’re bringing the kids up to not care about anybody,”  Sgt David Pruitt says. 

  This is not the first time young people have been involved in violent crimes. 

“Unfortunately it’s just a situation where the parties don’t get along,” Pruitt continues. “They meet up and decide to go to extreme violence to try to hurt each other.”

Police and community members are saying that changing this violent behavior starts at home. 

“ When you have kids that come from maybe a home or a family life that they don’t have that’s a sense of belonging,” Pruitt says. “They don’t have that sense of community they don’t empathize with other people.”

Local figures aren’t the only ones concerned about young people and violence. It has become a statewide issue. 

Attorney General Kwame Raoul addressed it in his speech Monday afternoon. 

“This will mean expanding who we expect to be a victim. if we ignore a class of those affected by violence because of where they live, what they look like, or what mistakes they’ve made. we only enable victims of violence to evolve into being perpetrators of the same,” Raoul. 

Police are still investigating, the cause and the relationship between the suspects and the victim.

More arrests may be made. 

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