DECATUR, Ill., (WCIA) — On Saturday afternoon, many kids in Central Illinois had their Christmas wish granted, a new bike. 

James Bond of Decatur started spreading his generosity this summer after decorating a bus stop on Maryland Street near the Walmart in Decatur. After connecting with many people there, he knew he had to do more.

Bond is on a mission. His bike drive has been in the works since September and all of his hard work paid off on Saturday. 70 kids got bikes, all because of the kindness of people not just in Central Illinois, but across the nation. 

“Hopefully they’ll have one of the best Christmases they’ve ever had,” he said. 

He aimed to collect new bikes from all 50 states over three months. By Saturday, he said 32 states had responded. 

“They’re wanting their bikes for Christmas. That was the whole purpose, get this set up where we can hold the bikes, we can get them for them,” Bond added. 

Over 150 kids and parents lined up in the Walmart parking lot waiting to see if they would win a bike; they’ve been signing up for a raffle ticket to win since September. 

Myah Riggen, an 8-year-old in town, and two of her siblings each got a bike. 

“When I saw it in line I was like, that’s my bike?! That’s so cute,” Riggen said. 

She said her favorite color is hot pink, just like the bike. 

Bond said he wanted it to be more than just getting a bike and leaving. So, he and his family set up a red carpet and a stage. 

“I was nervous when I went up on the stage. When I was taking a picture with my bike, I was like, okay I’m ready to ride it now,” Riggen said. 

Bond knows it’s more than just a Christmas present and hopes it serves as an example of bringing people together. 

“Just remember there’s a lot of nice people out there,” the organizer said. 

This mission led him to cross paths with people he might not have if it weren’t for his generosity. 

He said he met a lady from New Mexico through the process. 

“I talked to her, we went in the store, she picked her own bike out, she brought it out, she colored in her own state. I will remember it,” Bond said. 

He hopes children don’t forget their gifts either. 

Riggen said she’s excited to ride her bike around the block. 

The bus stop he started decorating over the summer is still decked out — now for the holidays. Bond added candy canes and Christmas lights all around it. A nativity scene lights up as well. 

For the kids who didn’t get a bike, Bond is making sure they aren’t left out. He’s planning a Christmas party in Decatur for them sometime over winter break.