The show can’t go on without help

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DECATUR, Ill (WCIA)–The second and most busy day of the Farm Progress Show was Wednesday and with thousands of people coming in and out of the grounds organizers say they depend on the hundreds of volunteers they needed.

People in orange shirts greeting you with a smile when you come in the gates at the farm progress show. But for some like Skielyr Trekle, they say this is where they want to be.

“We volunteered because this is a big fundraiser I program. I don’t remember the amount yet but we’ve done it every year that I’ve been here and we really enjoy it, it’s a good bonding experience for us,” Skielyr Trenkle says.

One of what organizers say is hundreds giving their time to the show.

“Up to 600 normally about 450 to 600 volunteers is normally what it takes to get this done realistically those are the folks that interact with all the visitors at the show,” Matt Jungmann.

As people come from all around the world, those who live in the area are leaving an impact on them.

“The Central Illinois community is what makes all these visitors from around the globe feel welcomed,” Jungmann explains.

Those who volunteers understand they’re playing a small part of something much bigger.

“It’s just a part to give back to the community I say would say. It’s awesome seeing all these people here in Decatur and knowing that this show brings so much to Decatur,” Trenkle says.

Those who volunteer also receive a donation to their organization for their time. Majority of them come from Macon County.

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