GILMAN, Ill. (WCIA) — After dry conditions in central Illinois all summer, any amount of rainfall is welcome. Some of the people most thankful: farmers.

David Haase, a fourth-generation farmer, was ecstatic to look up into the sky today and see rain clouds.

The U.S. drought monitor shows Iroquois County where WCIA 3 was today, is in the moderate drought level. It’s a similar trend in the rest of central Illinois right now.

“Hot days and warm nights, and we were short on moisture for over a month,” Hasse said.

Mother nature has finally provided some relief to crops across central Illinois. Rain totals in some areas reached over four inches alone this week.

Earlier this week, people in part of Iroquois County saw seven-tenths to 1.5 inches. Those numbers put a smile on Haase’s face.

“The crop is starting to grow again, and things are starting to green up,” he said.

Hasse said family farms like his will be in much better shape with more rain to allow crops to grow. For some families, agriculture is the money maker.

“It’s really important that we have good weather so that we can raise a good crop and the market supplies us with good prices, so that we can have the incomes to support the whole system,” Haase said.

That whole system, including the U.S. economy, relies on corn and soybean crops.

“It’s critically important that we have good weather to produce the crops that supply all those,” Haase said.

Haase, who has been farming for about 24 years, said this year’s risk and volatility have been some of the toughest he’s encountered.

“If people catch the rain and they market their crops well, there’s going to be some that are making, have an opportunity to make good money too,” he said.

Haase said the weather over the next few weeks will make a huge difference.

“If we have moderate temperatures and adequate amount of rain during that period and moisture, we could have really good crops still in spite of the the dry conditions and heat we faced earlier,” Haase said.