SAVOY, Ill., (WCIA) — It’s getting warmer outside, but that wasn’t the case during the mid-December blast of winter weather. Low temperatures led to many frozen pipes, and now, they’re thawing out. It’s leaving plumbers and restoration experts busy. 

For many, they’re not out of the woods. Because of the cold, they’re in the thick of their pipes bursting. 

“These are the most dangerous times because as those pipes thaw, any broken pipes are gonna start flooding,” Steve Taylor, Taylor Restoration’s president, said. 

He’s seeing pipes burst across Central Illinois. Taylor said he knows someone who had their tub drain freeze and then water thawed in the pipes. Then, the tub filled up and overflowed. 

Ron Rhone, a service plumber with Lanz Heating and Cooling in Champaign, said he was expecting a busy week, but not to this extreme. On Wednesday, he fixed 11 pipes in one home, and eight in another. 

He said pipes can explode anywhere. 

“It started off here as just ‘hey I have a leak in the garage. That turned into the bathroom and turned into the kitchen, it turned into behind the laundry.” 

Bursting pipes can be costly and dangerous. 

“If a hot water heater or a furnace got wet in the basement, that’s going to have to be repaired or replaced,” Taylor said. 

If a frozen pipe bursts in your home, he said the first thing you should do is turn off the water. Then, start calling construction crews. 

“Our company replaces the drywall, the paint, the trim, the flooring,” Taylor said. 

He added that you can do some of it on your own, but you should leave some parts to the professionals. 

“The total dry-out has to be professional,” Taylor said. “The mold is probably the most terrifying part of it. You want to make sure it’s dry so mold can’t grow.” 

Wet carpets shouldn’t be your only worry, your cabinets, drywall and even the structure of your home could see the damage.