Teaching students all about ag

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DECATUR, Ill (WCIA)– Farmers weren’t the only people who made a trip to progress city for the Farm Progress Show. Students in colorful shirts have walked the streets all three days. Today every 7th grader in the Decatur School District got the chance to go.
In a sea of people, students with matching shirts walked from tent to tent learning.

“It just opened them up to all the opportunities available to them right here in Central Illinois,” says Paul Fregeau, superintendent for the district.

A few high school students and every middle schooler got the chance to come to Progress City. They say being able to study agriculture in school has made a difference in their lives.

“It has really changed everything for me. When I first started this program I did not think I wanted to do anything with ag,” Jazmyn Schnetzler.

“I joined it because my family comes from a long long line of farmers and farm work so I try to get some prior knowledge on it. Just get more in tune and feel more connected with my family,” Antwone Lee says.

Lee is a junior in the district. He is one of many students who got to learn about the side of agriculture that isn’t working on a farm.

“You can go into almost any profession and have it someway link back to agriculture,” Michelle French explains.

Lee understands how important the work is.

“It’s the best thing I can do to keep that going because it’s a very amazing thing and it helps the entire world,” Lee.

The students are able to have an ag program because of a donation from the Howard Buffet Foundation. It also paid for the students to attend the Farm Progress Show.

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