Teacher salary increase

Local News

ROYAL, Ill. (WCIA)–Educators could soon get paid more to teach. Both houses voted to increase teachers’ salaries throught the state.     Some were defintely concerned. They say they’re already paying teachers what they can afford. They’re not sure where the money will come from, but nearly everyone seemed to agree this would be a great way to attract more talent to the area.     

Both houses voted to raise teacher salaries. It would happen gradually over the next few years. Salaries must be at least 40,000 dollars by the 2023-2024. The Superintendent of Prairieview-Ogden District says the base pay for their teachers is around 35,000 dollars. They have a plan to raise salary, but there may be issues for other districts. This bill will now head to Governor Pritzer’s desk. He will decide whether or not to sign it. Last year Governor Rauner vetoed the bill to raise salaries to 40,000 dollars, so we’re going to have to wait and see what happens once it reaches Pritzker.

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