Swarms of kids cause mayhem at restaurants

Local News

RANTOUL, Ill. (WCIA) — Businesses in Rantoul are getting trashed by groups of middle schoolers, causing managers to ban them from coming in. 

The problem has gotten so out of control, Rantoul Police say they’ve put extra patrols in the area every single day of the school week. But even that hasn’t stopped it from happening. 

It’s a routine for many kids at JW Eater Junior High School to go to Subway and Dunkin’ donuts after school gets out. Sylvia Zulfer goes to Dunkin Donuts every week: A quiet observer of the mayhem that’s been happening all school year. 

She says, “By 3:00 pm there are 20-30 kids in there from the jr. high being completely disrespectful.” 

It’s also become routine for the managers to ban large groups of kids from coming in. Zulfer says, “They’ll be screaming profanities, I’ve seen them throw garbage. I’ve seen them throw water on each other. There have been days that I’ve come here and they actually have the doors locked and just let people in individually to keep the kids out.” 

Her son Christian is a student at JW Eater. He’s seen the chaos first hand too. He says, “They had two squad cars come here come here. Some got escorted to their house.”

Rantoul Police say they’ve been called there many times. Across the street at subway, the scene is the same. The manager says kids will regularly throw food and walk on tables. 

Zulfer says, “The poor employees can only manage so much. But the kids are just completely unruly. It’s unacceptable.” 

Workers at both Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts say the swarms of kids are too rowdy to handle. 

Zulfer says, “No human should treat another human that way. You need to respect other people’s property.” 

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