Summit offers information on expungement

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URBANA, Ill. (WCIA) — Circuit Clerk Katie Blakeman and local legislators, community leaders, and agency partners hosted Champaign County’s Fourth Annual Expungement and Record Sealing Summit

This event provides the opportunity for individuals to receive assistance in filing a petition to expunge or seal a criminal record.

Event attendees get to complete all aspects of the process: determination of eligibility, petition preparation, and filing, all without any cost to the participant.

“If you’re on parole, probation, if you are not incarcerated in a penal institution, like in a penitentiary, if you are out, your feet are on the street you can vote. If you’re in the county jail and have not been convicted, you can vote what we call absentee,” says Aaron Ammons, Champaign County Clerk.

“This event is the most rewarding work I get to do all year”, says Clerk Blakeman. “The collaboration and enthusiastic support of so many local government organizations and social service agencies is truly unique, and Champaign County should be proud of coming together to help our neighbors find a second chance.”

Code for America, a non-profit organization from California, who has been working with the Champaign County Clerk on automation efforts for expungement and sealing, will be onsite to observe the Summit and to assist Cabrini Green Legal Aid in testing streamlined document preparation.

Ammons and his staff will be onsite to speak about voting rights and to ensure that all participants are registered to vote.

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