SULLIVAN, Ill. (WCIA) — This summer program for kids is unlike many others. 

It runs all day, five days a week. It’s been around for more than fifty years. And it’s giving more than one hundred kids a safe place to hangout.

“It just became something bigger than we could have ever imagined.”  

On any given summer day, you can find a large group of kids playing at Wyman Park.  And it’s all for Sullivan’s Park Rec program.

“They get some socialism, they get a little structure but not too much so we’re a lot more laid back than we are during the school year. “

It started half a century ago. Five days a week, this is where kids spend their summer vacation.

“They get out of there house, they get a lot of social time with children 

Some days they battle it out in a dodge ball game. Other days they take it easy playing a board game.  Either way they’re always outside getting fresh air.

“You don’t have to sit at home all the time doing nothing, you can come here and do a lot of fun things.” 

“You can just play, be yourself, and play around.” 

Melissa and Jake haegen run the activities. They say when they were growing up they came to park rec. And they’re happy to make sure other kids get the same experience in our town sullivan.

“Whenever our own children were able to come we both just decided this is something we were going to do to keep us busy for the summer.” 

“I get a lot of enjoyment because I guess I’m just a big kid at heart.”

The program is also free. The city funds all the expenses. They also receive a lot of community donations as well.