Champaign, Ill., (WCIA) – Champaign Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen came on The Morning Show in this week’s Meet The Mayor segment. On the show, she talked about Hedge POP! Park. Since the construction of the park, the City has hosted numerous activities for youth in the community.

One of the activities happening at the park is called Hip Hop Xpress. It’s a group led by professors from the University of Illinois. They meet at the park every Monday and Thursday this summer, teaching kids how to build RC cars. Once built, these cars can be raced on a track at the park.

“The kids don’t even realize that they are being taught science and math and engineering, but it’s happening right there.” Feinen said.

That’s not the only activity organized for kids at the park.

Every Thursday the Champaign Public Library and the United Way put on an event called “Mother Goose on the Loose.” Representatives come out and do a story time for the kids.

“It’s really about getting young kids interested in reading,” said Feinen. “The kids have loved it.”

The target range for the kids are from six years old and under. Those who participate are also given a free book to take home.

While at the park, you may also come across people wearing bright orange polo shirts. These people are called “Neighborhood Ambassadors.” Their sole purpose: to represent the City for the community.

“They’re there to talk to neighbors, connect neighbors to resources within the city and to just to be out there and get to know the neighborhood and make sure that they have a liaison if they’ve got something going on.”

You can find the Neighborhood Ambassadors at Hedge POP! Park as well as all across the city of Champaign.