UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Two students just received a grant to print 3D masks from the Nielsen Foundation, which helps people with spinal cord injuries live independently,

“Our university is known for that,” PHD student Joey Peters said. “We have a lot of resources that we felt could work well with the grant.”

Peters teamed up with Arielle Rausin, a Gies student and wheelchair athlete, who has her own 3D printing company, Ingenium Manufacturing.

“We make our own 3D wheelchair racing gloves,” Rausin said. “So, when we heard we could make 3D printed face masks, we thought it was a great way to pivot during these trying times.”

The design they’re using is approved by the National Institutes of Health and offers more protection than cloth coverings.

They plan to fire up six 3D printers starting Thursday. They hope to make around 750 masks to distribute to organizations throughout Illinois.