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CHAMPAIGN — Kids at garden hills elementary school got a surprise visit from a well known tumbling team.

The Jesse White Tumblers joined the kids in the gym to show their skills. The team was formed 58 years ago to give young people a positive outlet. White kicked off the event with some encouraging words to the kids and they cheered the entire time as the tumblers hit the mats. They even brought some of the kids up to be a part of the show.

Austin Myers is a p.e. teacher at the school and helped to coordinate the event. He says, “It’s something that we like to bring to kids who often times don’t get to see the Jesse White Tumblers because a lot of times the places the tumblers perform at cost money, so we like to bring them here so the kids don’t have to pay and can enjoy them.”

Jesse White says, “We have 250 young people that make up the team we do about 1500 shows a year, we have seven units, we travel all over the world.”

And today, they decided to make a stop in champaign. School leaders say they hosted the event to celebrate the end of the school year.

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