UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The day before classes start at UI, some students were frustrated with how long it took them to get a COVID test.

On weekends there are only five of 17 university testing sites open. A lot students wanted to get that last test in before the semester starts, but they were not expecting it to take hours.

“I know a lot of students just don’t know when their testing schedules are, and are probably just trying to get in that last negative test so they can get in the buildings this week,” says Senior Tristen Kissack. “But I would have expected to see more testing stations open the weekend prior to classes starting.”

Kissack says he got his testing schedule Sunday afternoon, after waiting in line. Every student should have one and it tells them which two days of the week they need to get tested.

“We are glad that our students are so conscientious about getting tested, and we are working to increase the staff for the weekend shifts, so we can reduce the weekend wait times going forward even if people decide to test more often than they are required to test,” said University spokesperson Robin Kaler.

In the future, Kissack says more staffers may be the key in getting people in faster.

“I think there are two people who check you, scan your I-Card as soon as you get there in the tent,” says Kissack. “If they’re not able to open more testing stations then at least maybe expand that to maybe four people. Because I’d say that’s what takes longest about the process, just getting everyone checked into the tent.”

Each student during the semester will be assigned a testing schedule for two days a week. Students are able to request different days that fit better with their own schedules.