Student invention up for prestigious award

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UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (WCIA) — A U of I grad student is up for a very prestigious award for his invention.

It’s called a Cubic LED. Graduate student Richard Liu came up with it. If commercialized, they would cost about half as much to produce than regular LED’s. They would also generate less heat and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

That invention is a finalist for the Collegiate Inventors Competition. There are only five other graduate-student inventions up for this award.

“Not only do we address the cost of LED’s… we can also enable efficient, powerful, full-color LED’s that are phosphor free, and so we are looking at more than 50 percent cost reduction,” said ECE Graduate Student Richard Liu.

Liu said this nomination alone helps validate all of the time he spent working on this invention.

The inventor of the LED we use today is Nick Holonyak Jr. He’s an alum and faculty member of the U of I.

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