Storm leaves path of damage

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RANKIN, Ill. (WCIA) — People spent the morning picking up the pieces after Monday night’s storms left the town a mess. The village was pounded with rain, downed tree limbs and power outages.

One man was up before the sun, just so he could get to work. There’s a lot of damage left over from the storm and some close calls, but that’s just the beginning.

“It was raining and, all of a sudden, the wind started getting really, really blowing.”

It wasn’t long before the noise turned into a nuisance.

“Tree branches started hitting the house. Obviously, I had a lot of limbs down on the cars trying to get cleaned up so I can get out and go to work this morning.”

It was mostly minor damage for Jim Diskin and his family members. Neighbors were dealing with similar situations.

“It’s just right around here, I got a lot of relatives. It’s my aunt and uncle’s house across the street and my mother’s next door. And, you can see the branches down here. We got a little clean-up here.”

A number of branches near his home fell close to power lines. A home right around the corner was narrowly missed by a large tree split in half. Diskin says he’s glad it wasn’t worse.

“We knew it was going to rain, thunder and lightning, but wow, it really came down.”

It was an all-nighter for Ameren. Crews say 80 – 100, in Rankin alone, lost power when the storm came through. 

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