State police enforcing more traffic violations than usual

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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Starting this year, Illinois State Police will be aggressively enforcing more violations than usual. 

Troopers are using a new strategy to catch people breaking the law. They’re focusing on improper use of the left lane and following too closely to other cars. Both these things have caused road rage and bad crashes in the past. 

It’s illegal to drive in the left lane on the interstate if you’re not immediately passing a car or moving over for an emergency vehicle. Drivers also need to allow at least a 3-5 second following distance between their car and the one ahead. District 10 state troopers will be doing something they’ve never done before to stop drivers from breaking the law. 

Trooper Tracy Lillard says, “One of the tactics were going to use this year is to use covert vehicles and that way we can do special details. The motoring public doesn’t know which vehicles we’re in so we can radio in to the squad cars up ahead to pull over those particular vehicles.” 

Those vehicles aren’t typical squad cars you see patrolling on the side of the roads. So state police warn you to always be watching out because you won’t recognize them. Left lane violations only apply to interstates. It’s not illegal on state roads or county highways.

State police will also continue increased enforcement of the “Fatal Four” violations in the new year. That includes DUI, speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, and distracted driving. They say these are the most common causes of deadly traffic crashes.

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