State investigating animal control situation

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Latest: 9:30 pm, 11/15/17, Wednesday

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA) — The state says it’s investigating the animal control situation in Iroquois County.

The Department of Agriculture’s Animal Health and Welfare staff say they’ve gotten some phone calls. After several people contacted them, they opened up a docket and started looking into things. Depending on what they find, Iroquois County officials could be in trouble.

Last week, they found the animal control department is operating without a license from the state. Since then, a few county board members have been trying to draw attention to this.

“I did call, once again, the Illinois Department of Agriculture, asked them again about Iroquois County Animal Control,” board member Sherry Johnson said, Tuesday. “Nothing was located. So I presume that we’re still operating without the license that we need, and we need to move forward to get that corrected.”

Depending on what the state’s investigation turns up, the county could be on the hook for hundreds to thousands in fines. Tuesday, the county board said the tax committee would pick up the discussion on what needs to be done at its next meeting.

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