Some say broken tiles caused flooding

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HUME — Residents are suffering from this week’s severe flooding. Many think it’s because the city won’t pay for a new drainage system.

Homeowners say the flooding has been happening for years, but every year, it gets worse. Many blame unfixed tiles.

“Probably three-to-four inches in our yard was all water, all the way around the house.”

The small town of Hume never expected to have waterfront property.

“We aren’t capable of getting flood insurance here because we’re not in floodplain.”

But, the water still sitting in their front yards is only getting worse.

“Over the last couple of years, it’s been up to the house and now it’s under the house.”

Many are now paying for the damage; some even leaving home for a few nights.

“When we left yesterday evening, we had to stay in a hotel, we couldn’t stay there.”

They’re blaming bad tiles; the system farmers use for drainage.

“It’s going to take a lot of money to fix those and the town hasn’t moved on that yet at this point.”

Sisson believes it’s been dozens of years since they’ve been looked at.

“The EPA had said to me that if they get involved, they may require the town to put in a sewage treatment facility like Christian had to do recently.”

“We’re on a septic system and, when the waters rise above the septic, it doesn’t work. You can’t drain water out of the shower, wash dishes, nothing.”

Until something is done, they’ll be waiting.

“If we actually had a working tile system, then that water would drain.”

The mayor didn’t have any comment on the matter. Moon says the Illinois Emergency Management Agency has been contacted.

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