UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Police are solving crimes thanks to social media and people who send in helpful tips. 

There are about 1,800 cameras around campus which capture images 24/7. If the footage shows a reported offender and their investigation hits a dead end, police will post it on Facebook asking people to report anything they know. So far, tips have been successful. 

This semester they have been able to identify the people involved in four cases said UI Police Detective Rachel Ahart. 

“It’s incredibly helpful. In law enforcement, we don’t interact with the majority of the community every day. But some people might work with these individuals, see them in dorms or class settings, or other situations like that.” 

Detectives say they’ve been able to identify 75% of the people in pictures they put on social media in the last four years. In a recent case, two people turned themselves in after seeing their pictures online.