Snowfall calls for shovels & sleds

Local News

CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — The snow caused more than just issues for drivers. It also left behind a lot of work. Many spent the morning shoveling driveways and sidewalks.

It’s been a pretty light snow, which was good for those who had to shovel it. One man said the work wasn’t too bad, but it’s all about not over-exerting yourself.

Shoveling can be as strenuous as exercising. Experts say it can cause a sudden increase in blood pressure and heart rate and the cold air can decrease the oxygen from getting to your heart.

It’s also true for pushing a snowblower. Shoveling just two inches from a driveway can be equivalent to moving 1,800 pounds. Remember to push the snow instead of lifting it when possible.

Not everyone spent the day working in the snow. Some played in it. Kids spent the holiday sledding in the winter wonderland.

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