Snow falling fast, plows working to keep up

Local News

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — Snow is falling fast all over central Illinois, and you definitely do not want to end up like this truck on 1-57 earlier.

That is why the city tries to get ahead of the storm early on.

“On Friday afternoon, knowing that there’s potential of snow sometime today, we went ahead and prepped plows…put them back on the trucks, put salt spreaders on, loaded all the trucks up with salt in preparation,” says Champaign Public Works spokesperson Kris Koester.

Even with all that preparation, there is always potential for dangerous road conditions.

“It’s really irritating…you don’t want to be sliding all over the road,” says Champaign resident Kendrick Green.

But sliding is sometimes inevitable. That is why some drivers say they are being extra cautious now.

“I was usually driving like my normal self, then I slid into the curb and I realized I couldn’t do that anymore, says driver Ryan Carroll. “I had to be a little bit more safe…I could have really paid the price for it.”

Even if you have experience driving in Illinois winters, campaign Public Works warns no two snow storms are alike.

“We always just encourage people, you know, no matter how many shows you’ve driven in, always use as much caution as possible,” says Koester. “The conditions for each one are always different based on road temperatures, air temperatures, and what’s falling…so just give yourself a little extra time.”

That is where snow plows and salt trucks come in to try to make things a little safer.

“If you see one of our plows out on the road, we do encourage you to give them some space because they’re typically throwing salt or plowing, and you don’t know what might be in front of them where they have to suddenly stop…and we also want the salt to actually hit the pavement,” says Koester.

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