HOOPESTON, Ill. (WCIA) — A group aiming to clear out shelters across the U.S. made a stop in central Illinois. Jordan’s Way visited the Hoopeston Animal Rescue to help raise money.

The group got its start in 2018 after the founder’s own pet died. Since then, they have been on mission to shine light on shelter pets.

During their country-wide tours, the group makes stops at nearly 20 shelters per week. They host these events where workers and volunteers participate in a range of activities. They have pies in faces, dunk tanks and other challenges.

Jordan’s Way livestreams the events through Facebook to help the shelter with exposure. This exposure also helps the shelters bring in donations from all over.

“So you know, it’s such a great opportunity and we are so gifted that they decided to choose us,” said rescue worker Amy. “And I’m not saying that we’re better than any other recuses because we’re not, because we’re all struggling right now, we all need the help. But for them to say, ‘Hey, we’re going to come to little Hoopeston, Illinois.”

Last year the rescue used donations to help expand their shelter. This year, Amy said donations will cover the overhead cost for the animals.

Right now, the Hoopeston Animal Rescue is housing nearly 40 dogs and more than 200 cats. Amy said these donations are keeping their doors open.