Slow down move over

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DECATUR, Ill. (WCIA)– He was doing his job when his life changed in a matter of seconds. Chris Moore was hit on I-72 by a driver. Moore was a tow truck operator. He was helping someone when he was hit by another car. “I didn’t think i would ever walk again. I have hip problems, cracked tailbone, cracked pelvis, broken legs, broken ankles,” said Moore.

Jim Root is a lieutenant for the Macon County Sheriff’s Office. He says accidents like these are avoidable. “Anybody that sees first responders, tow truck drivers, or even anybody with hazard lights on to move over to the lane that’s not closest to the lane where they’re stopped. Provide them with safe passage and slow down in the event they can’t get over,” said Root.

Moore wants more people to be aware of this law. He helped organize a Spirit Ride. The Spirit Ride road team travels nationally spreading their message. The road team carries a casket from city to city. It represents the dangers and even death people have faced on the road. they hope it sends a strong message to slow down and pull over.

“I almost was one who would have been in the casket,” said moore. Moore hopes his message will cause drivers to think twice.

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