Slippery surfaces pose serious risk

Local News

CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Most days of the year, it might not be necessary to tell someone you’re running out to the mailbox. But now, experts say the advice could save you from serious harm.

It’s cold outside. That’s not news. What is is how many people are slipping and falling on frosted sidewalks and parking lots.

First responders with Carle Arrow Ambulance say their calls for people slipping, falling and hurting themselves haven’t gone up, but the number of them for people who’ve specifically done it on ice has.

There’s no traction where a layer of ice still coats the ground. Paramedics say, even if you’re usually steady on your feet, short, everyday chores like checking the mail could be a problem and you should have a plan.

He says, even if you’re doing a quick chore, dress warmly, take a cellphone and tell someone where you’ll be as an extra precaution.

OSF says their Urgo locations have already seen more than 30 people for injuries from falls related to ice.

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