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ILLINOIS (WCIA) — Wednesday, Republicans rallied together, vowing to dethrone Mike Madigan as Speaker of the House.

It was the recurring campaign promise GOP candidates gave voters at Governor’s Day; a highly anticipated annual event at the Illinois State Fair.

The crowd gave a rousing applause each time a Republican made the statement to get rid of Mike Madigan and his powerful and corrupt Democratic machine.

Governor Rauner again tied JB Pritzker to Madigan. He says it’s why this is the most important race of his life; not just for him, but Republicans around the state.

He was joined by GOP candidates running for attorney general, treasurer, comptroller, secretary of state and leaders in the statehouse. They each took the stage, emphasizing the same points.

They believe Democrats will raise taxes and hurt working-class families. Rauner blames Madigan for his inability to pass reforms and he says the only path to getting it done is unseating the speaker.

Rauner says Republicans need to pick up nine seats in the House to regain the majority. It’s something they haven’t had in more than a decade.

He also pushed all candidates to sign the People’s Pledge; a vow to vote against appointing Madigan as Speaker of the House if elected. He says it’s critical and he wants to keep lawmakers accountable and expose them if they don’t follow through.

The crowd was obviously energized by the rally. There were a few “Fire Mike Madigan” shirts in the crowd, but it’s unclear how the message is playing at large. 

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