CLINTON, Ill. (WCIA)- The sister of the missing Clinton mother wrote on the Facebook page “Prayer chain for Juana Arellano” that she has spoken with Juana. 

“My sister has contacted me, she is fine,” said Mariela Arellano. “Thank you for helping us search and pray, God has heard each and every one of your prayers.”  

The post has since been taken down.  

Clinton Police Chief Ben Lowers says they cannot verify the call.  

“It is encouraging, however, because we can’t authenticate the phone call, the case will remain open and we will continue to investigate any information that may lead us to contact Juana Arellano, to verify her safety and well-being,” said Lowers.  

We reached out to Arellano’s husband; he says he was not aware contact had been made by his sister-in-law.

Gia Wright, the founder of the Missing Person Awareness Network, says a call does not mean Juana is safe. 

“While there is an understanding that contact is being made by someone believed to be Juana, it does not make her safe,” said Wright. “Anyone could have made that call or forced her to make that call. Therefore, with the highest importance of knowing Juana is safe, we stand with law enforcement in the idea that she is still missing until we know that she is safe, and this call isn’t a confirmation that she is.” 

The investigation continues.