Signs plead for end to violence

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DANVILLE, Ill. (WCIA) — A group of people in Danville hung signs up at Domino’s after a delivery driver was shot and killed this week. These signs say things like: “Put the guns down,” and “No more silence.” Another one lays out the penalties of these types of crimes.

Terry Gaines was killed while walking back to his car after a delivery Tuesday night. His family is pleading for answers, and the community is backing them up.

There are a lot of different messages going around about how to “fix” Danville. The group that made these signs say they are really trying to make something happen. 
“I don’t want to raise my kid in a city where I have to be scared to take her across town because of gunfire,” said Lexi Haud, who helped make the signs. 

Haun wants Gaines’ story to never repeat itself. 

“People keep saying it’s not a big deal and it happens everywhere, but when this is a small town. People have to see the difference between being a big city and a tiny town,” said Korrina Parrish, who helped make signs as well. 

Danville police say, in the past couple years, around 10 delivery drivers have been robbed. 

“All of us are working together to figure out how to move forward to best combat the problems we’re having right now,” said Danville Police Commander Josh Webb.

Police haven’t revealed what their tactics will look like, but they do say they’re focused on preventing crime.

If a difference is on the way, to Haun, it can’t come soon enough. 

“I don’t wanna move. I wanna make this city better for my kids. I don’t wanna hide just because some thugs decided to take over our city.”

Anyone who wants to is asked to add a sign to the Dominos window. 

Some people have suggested a curfew in Danville to help with crime. That’s something city leaders would have to decide. They say they aren’t discussing it right now. 

Gaines’ family doesn’t have the money they need for his funeral and burial. A family friend is helping raise money for that. People have already donated more than $5,300 dollars. The goal was $5,000.

Dominos is already offering a $5,000 reward for any tips leading to an arrest.

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