SIDNEY, Ill. (WCIA) — A beloved ice cream shop is about to change hands.

The owner of the Sidney Dairy Ban announced earlier in the summer that he was planning to sell the business. The sale is now complete, and Dairy Barn lovers might be happy to hear there will be no changes.

The new owner, Ella Beal, said she grew up loving the place. So much so that she made an offer just two days after the shop was put on the market.

Previous owner Dennis Riggs decided to sell because it was time to move on and he wanted to spend more time with his grandchildren. But he said he’s leaving the business in good hands.

Riggs said Beal’s love for ice cream and the shop helped him make the decision. He said the Dairy Barn needs an owner who has it in their heart to make this hometown business thrive.

“There has never been an idea to change it. If we are going to do anything to the Dairy Barn, we would just be adding on,” Beal said. “This place has meant a lot to me and my family and I know. It’s just so established, it’s been here for, what 57 years? And he owned it for 27. Clearly the people love it.”

Riggs added he didn’t build the business for it to go away. He said the Dairy Barn wouldn’t exist without the customers, so they won’t make changes to what they love.

Along with the business, Beal received the third-generation family recipe that makes the Dairy Barn one of a kind.