Should you wear gloves during the coronavirus pandemic?

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WCIA)– While some stores are slow in getting items like toilet paper back in stock, shelves that usually house items meant to keep yourself and your home clean like disinfectants and hand sanitizer are still pretty empty.

Gloves and face masks have been tough to find in person too. While President Trump and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are recommending we protect our faces while we are out, the new question is should the general public start wearing gloves too?

“That’s a very good question and the short answer is currently the CDC is recommending against wearing gloves when everyone goes out in public to go about their daily routines like grocery shopping or going to the pharmacy,” said Sana Waqar, MD, Infectious Diseases Physician at SIU School of Medicine.

Doctors said to understand why gloves are not recommended right now, you need to understand how the illness spreads.

“The main mechanism of spread of this virus is by respiratory droplets which means an infected person when they cough, sneeze or even talk the small particles that are released from the mouth of the infected person when they reach another person’s respiratory track, that’s how people get infected,” Waqar said.

The world health organization said the virus can live on surfaces for several days, giving some a reason to take solace in covering their hands. Doctors say if you do wear gloves, the key to staying safe is making sure you remove them the right way.

“Take the gloved hand, one of the gloved hands and take off the glove from the other hand and the hand that you take off, hold that with hand that is still gloved. Then, pinch the inner surface of the hand that is still gloved and take off that remaining glove,” Waqar said.

Once the gloves are off, of course, you will need to throw them away and wash your hands.

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