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CHAMPAIGN, Ill. (WCIA) — When the air chills out and the leaves start falling, there is only one thing on the mind of people around C-U.

“The apple donut.”

And Curtis Orchard has been the spot to get one for over three decades, but the orchard is only open for half the year.

At Industrial Donut, they discovered apple donuts were pretty popular at all times of the year. To not take away from their business though, Industrial Donut will not sell them while Curtis Orchard is in season.

“We can run apple donuts when they close, they can’t do that,” says Industrial Donut owner Becca Powers. “They don’t have the same option. We wanted to show respect for them and support them how we could. We’ve had a lot of support from other small businesses in the community and we wanted to give it back.”

The move is much appreciated by the orchard. Like other businesses, they have had their own struggles dealing with the pandemic. Less competition for apple donuts is a big thing to them.

“It’s very important for our business, and I know that donuts are their entire business,” says Curtis Orchard co-owner Randy Graham. “We don’t take it lightly the generous move they’re making.”

Both Curtis Orchard and Industrial Donuts say they love partnering with other businesses in the community. During such uncertain times it may be more important than ever to do so.

“We’ve had a lot of great partnerships with businesses in the area for decades,” says Graham. “We always love working with and making friends with other businesses owners. We kind of understand each other and challenges we face.”

“It’s scary, but knowing that you can help each other however you can it’s pretty cool,” says Powers. “We’ve had so much support from other businesses and it does make you feel good.”

The connection between the two will be seen again in the future. Industrial Donut has some topping specials lined up that includes Curtis Orchard’s apple cider and their award winning honey.

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